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Posted 4/30/2014 7:42pm by Sam Bellamy.

PYO may not open so early Thursday but we will evaluate the weather mid morning and see how it looks from there. So call before you just come out for PYO. We should be open Friday and Saturday.

  The plants and the fruit look good. It is a good time to pick or buy berries at the market.

Posted 4/29/2014 12:36pm by Sam Bellamy.

 We will be at Myrtle Beach Farmer's Market Wednesday. We have a good supply of strawberries. This is a particularly good time for organic strawberries.

  If you go to the Market at the farm, we have lots of strawberries and lots of other items, including pies. Please call by today if you would like to have some organic strawberries held for you at the farm. There may not be any organic strawberries left when you get here if you don't call a ask to hold them.                                                                                                                           indigo strawberries      


Posted 4/27/2014 8:55pm by Sam Bellamy.

 Strawberries are coming into full stride! This means PYO is better, buying by the flat, good deals on culls and stem berries become more common.  Good news from the field is that the plants are in good condition. PYO on Monday looks good. The field will be open at 8 am. We think we should be open all day until about 5pm.

 There are lots of plants in the garden center and some tasty pies , treats in the bakery. delicious

Posted 4/24/2014 9:46pm by Sam Bellamy.
  The field will be open Saturday from 8 am until about 1:30. If the berries are ripe enough we may go longer than 1:30.  The season is still young for the plants although this would be close to the the peak normally. If the weather holds up there should be lots of picking in the coming weeks.
Posted 4/23/2014 9:50pm by Sam Bellamy.
Thursday morning 8am till about 1pm the field will be open. Then on Saturday 8am to about 4:30pm the field will be open unless it gets picked before 4:30.
Posted 4/20/2014 7:37pm by Sam Bellamy.

  The field will be open Tuesday morning at 8:00 am. Honestly, the weather has been so different I don't quite know what to expect. Please try to bring a container to put the berries in after picking. We will have buckets to pick in but it would help everyone if you had your own container to take them home. The price is 1.30 per pound. I am hoping that the field will be dry and suitable for picking.


Posted 4/18/2014 6:40pm by Sam Bellamy.

  Happy Easter! I hope the weather does not damper your spirits this Easter. There is so much to be truly thankful for. Life's deepest meaning has endured through generations and lots of  inconvenient weather.

  There will be strawberries in the market but no PYO on Saturday. There is not enough ripening of fruit to try it yet. We will see how Monday looks. I think by Tuesday we should be on track. We will just have to wait and see. I'll send out an email and post it on face book as well. 

  Thanks to so many of you who came by this week. It was good to have you. Some of you are such warm and grateful customers ( actually friends ). Both here at the farm and at the farmer's market in Myrtle Beach. 

    peaches in bloom     





Posted 4/14/2014 1:29pm by Sam Bellamy.

For those who have not visited us at the Myrtle Beach Farmer's Market in the past, it is located at the corner of Oak Street and Mr. Joe White Ave. across from the Police Dept.

Posted 4/13/2014 2:44pm by Sam Bellamy.
We are looking forward to the Myrtle Beach Farmer's Market opening this week on Wednesday, April 16th. It will be open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9:00 - 3:00 until the end of October. 
Posted 4/6/2014 9:05pm by Sam Bellamy.

  The weather so often determines whether, when and how. Fortunately, it is becoming more like  growing conditions. Some of the early crops are starting to respond to warmer soils and longer sunshine.

 What does it mean? Well, greens, radishes, turnips, collards , Kale, onions are coming in increasing measure. Garden peas are enjoying this weather too. Potatoes should be breaking through the ground soon. New potatoes may be ready early June. We planted more this year. The organic potato crop is doubled last years planting and has some exciting new varieties. Red Gold should be back this year. It is one of the best and unique potatoes around.

 Strawberries? Yes they are taking to the weather and longer sunshine too. The winter has them pushed back but I think we will be picking about the 14 with PYO beginning about 18. We still can't tell with accuracy, but things are happening in the field.

  Now, don't get confused. We will have Organic strawberries in the market starting Tuesday. I suggest you call and let us hold you some since supplies may be slow to start with. These strawberries were covered during the harsh parts of the winter and are on a more normal schedule. We also have organic lettuce and onions, parsley, some basil. If you want organic I suggest you call and ask to have it held for you.

In general the crops are looking good. There are some good things to look forward to. I haven't mentioned the Bakery or Garden Center but there is much happening there as well. Indigo Strawberries

organic seedlings

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Winter has arrived! 

We've harvesting cool season crops like greens, turnips and soon lettuce. The rainy days have produced plenty of Shittake mushrooms. The strawberry plants are growing, making us dream of Spring. 

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