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Strawberry season

Posted 3/28/2010 9:36pm by Sam Bellamy.

Anticipating strawberry season in early April. If the weather holds well we should begin pick your own about the 10th. It appears that it will be a strong start. The plants look good and blossoms abound. Fortunately, the ratio of blooms and vegetation appears to be good.

     Strawberry season is no little thing here at the farm. We strive to offer as much variety in strawberries as we can. To begin with we have four different varieties. Camarosa and Chandler are the two main varieties. We offer pick your own or pre-picked. Several package sizes are available ( pints, quarts, 4 qt, 8qt flats). We even sell cull berries. Since we grade our berries after we pick them we are able to have berries that are good but not up to top standards. These are sold at a discount price. We offer stem berries ( these are often the best berries any where, premium fruit). We also have a high quality chocolate for dipping fruit. We sell strawberry pies, strawberry shortcake, strawberry ice cream, strawberry milkshakes!, organic strawberries, strawberry jams, jellies, preserves and not to forget strawberry slushies!


Over the years people have repeatedly told us that our strawberries were the best. No brag, just fact! But as always you get to be the judge. We are very grateful that so many have made that their judgment. Often good fruit is affected by the soil. Our soils seem to agree with strawberries. The climate, the soil and good nutrition seem to come together well here. Every year is unique but many years of growing strawberries tells me that the real credit for good fruit belongs to God. Strawberries were not something people invented. Breeding has helped in many ways but the real goodness of a strawberry started without human help. Much of a season rests beyond our control. It seems to me to only be appropriate to acknowledge Providence’s hand.

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