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Pumpkin Day & NASPIG NEWS

Posted 10/9/2011 3:26pm by Sam Bellamy.

The market has lots of pumpkins, decor , flowers and other items.  This a good time for beans and peas from the farm. Apple cider and grape juice are still available. We are harvesting chestnuts and some persimmons now. It is not too early to check with the bakery about ordering pies,  cakes for the Holidays.

Pumpkin Day
information: Oct 15 9-4:30

    There is no admission cost. Lots of activities are free so a family can come and enjoy the day without blowing a budget. Some activities do have fees, hay rides $1/person, pumpkin painting $8/pumpkin ( you select a pumpkin and paint it,usually they are med sized, there should be some blue pumpkins as well),pony rides are by someone else $5/ride (I think), Pick your own Pumpkin Patch is $16/ whole family to ride and pick one pumpkin. If you want to pick more they are priced by size, $ 9 large, $6mid, $3small. Face painting is $1 ( I think). The pig races, hay maze and games are free. Games include pumpkin archery, stilts, sack races, seed spitting, hog calling contest, apple eating on a string,etc. There is a little people's village for small kids only. It has a box "train" that kids seem to really like. This is something that parents need to do with their kids. Parents help kids in and out , not ride with them !  Normally there is a lot of corn shelling but not this year due to the extreme drought in the entire area. Bring cameras or a way to take pictures, lots of places made for that. The market has apple cider and grape juice both made here on the farm. You can get things to eat from the snack wagon or the bakery. 


    This weekend saw some more rough racing from the 2011 crop of pigs. The Natural Assortment of Speedy Pigs (NASPIG) association is left shaking their heads. The number 4 ( Muchkin) pig is a fairly fast pig but is ranked dead last in the standings. The number 6 ( One too Many )pig is in third but is known to be a horrible racer. He wrecks other pigs with his constant contact on the track and argues with them intently about anything and everything. As a group they have been slow and unfocused although some have shown some real racing qualities. The Number 2( Magic Lantern) pig continues her unlikely lead by somehow finishing first. The number 1 ( Gold Rush) pig moved up in the point standings and is getting stronger as a racer. The number 8 ( Jack Be Quick ) pig is 10 points closer to the leader and has earned tremendous respect from everyone except number 6 ( One Too Many).


At the October 8 mark the point standings are:

Magic Lantern 104

Jack BE Quick 82

One Too Many 52

Gold Rush 46

Ironsides 44

Little Boo 33

Merlin 29

Happy Jack 27

Muchins 23

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 Night Time Hay  Rides and Birthday Parties are still available. Call for more information or email.

Current News



Spring is Coming! 

We're excited about the changing season as we plant more lettuce, seed trays with warmer season crops, transplant tiny tomato plants into larger trays and protect the earliest strawberry blossoms from frost. 

We've harvesting a rainbow of crops from bright red radishes and dark green spinach to carrots and colorful chard. 

I've already seen a few red strawberries and can't wait for Spring to arrive with buckets of juicy berries!

We have several Market Locations, each open on different days, with different hours. See the bottom of our Home Page for the details on each.  

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