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Posted 10/16/2011 8:49pm by Sam Bellamy.




A new point leader gets a hard earned victory and the nickname " Marathon Pig"on the Naspig circuit. Number 8, "Jack Be Quick" showed his colors while battling back from the brunt of the worst manners ever seen in STOCKPIG racing. After running at high form during the practices early and mid week he found himself being the target of not one but two pigs who would rather fight than race. It was a real consternation for STOCKPIG officials as they debated the possibility of disqualifying the number 6 pig, One Too Many. But One Too Many was dealt a blow as some of the pigs found a way to get by the terror of tactics. A case in point was the number 4 pig, Muchkin, who delighted in getting by number 6, running away then turning around and running past him again only to get by him a third time before crossing the finish line. This seem to put number 6 in his place. But then came Friday and it was as if number 6 and number 7, Little Boo, decided to get number 8, Jack Be Quick. By the end of Friday, Jack Be Quick was only too quick to get on the track afraid of the two track bullies. You could see the nervousness even before he went into he first turn.

Then came the next morning, Pumpkin Day, and Jack had to face the challenge of racing in the most important race of the season. Being second in the points race and with a possible 120 points to be won it would take his best effort to accomplish that. From the first race to the last, Jack Be Quick kept his cool, but not without being tested. The pigs run two times each scheduled race. The first run is three pigs and the last is all nine pigs running together. Three of the runs had Jack Be Quick running against the number 6 and 7 pigs. On Friday that would have been a complete wreck for Jack Be Quick. But the pig stayed focused and managed to ignore their tactics and in one case got free to come from way behind for the win. It is very rare for a pig to win every race on Pumpkin Day. That is hard to do but the marathon pig did it!

Magic Lantern #2 held on and is now in second. That is not bad for a pig that is not that fast. Finishing has been her strength all season. Gold Rush #1 did an outstanding job of sorting through races to get to third in the points race.

The point lead is as follows:

Jack Be Quick #8 leads with 202,

Magic Lantern #2 has 150,

Gold Rush #1 has 113,

One Too Many #6 has 90,

Ironsides #3 has 72,

Merlin #5 has 62,

Little Boo #7 has 60,

Happy Jack #9 has 58,


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