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Indigo Farms Update May 20

Posted 5/20/2012 8:11pm by Sam Bellamy.

May 20 Indigo Farms Update

One of the "joys" of farming is you get to work with what is given you. You never know exactly how things will be and what adjustments have to be made. Seven inches of rain in six days is not the ideal. For some crops it is just dandy but for small grain that is mature and drying, leafy cucurbits, tender young tomato plants that find super wet soil dangerous and beans that may end up competing with rapid growing weeds that thrive on heat and moisture, seven inches in such short time frame makes you look all around for potential problems. Even some insects love the extra moisture and warmth. Fungal concerns become a prime point of vigilance. Not to mention fields that are too wet to work.

NEVER THE LESS... the strawberries continue to look very good. Good ratio of blooms and green fruit to leaf vegetation. Little to no runners; that means the plants are still in a juvenile stage and can focus on producing fruit not vegetative new plants. There are some wet overripe fruit in the field. Now is a good time to take advantage of the get a dollar off for every bucket of bad berries you pick when you pick a bucket of good berries. The fields will be open this week, so don’t hesitate to come pick. You may need to check in and out at the produce market if the sign on the cart directs you.

Blueberries , Blackberries are being picked. Pick your own is still away off, maybe June 12th? Peaches are really y sizing up and getting color. They look good and I should begin picking at the end of the month.

If you like beans then now is the time to focus on getting them. Wax beans , October beans , half runners, string beans, etc. are coming off. Think tender squash and it is likely to be here. So the eating is getting better. The first sweet corn is here as well and tomatoes are not far behind.

The bakery keeps making bread and soon the prime fruit milkshake season will be upon us.

Cheryl and Bill Rose said,
5/21/2012 @ 3:02 pm
Hello, We recently visited your store for the first while we were on vacation and just loved it. We will be back down in Oct. Are there any certain items you have during this time? Looking forward to our next visit.
Elena said,
6/3/2012 @ 1:56 pm
We got strawberries from your farm few days ago, when we had a vacation in S.C. The best strawberries in USA! Nice, sweet, real taist. Thans a lot!
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