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Indigo Farms update Aug. 30

Posted 8/30/2017 12:29pm by Sam Bellamy.

       Wondering how the eclipse might affect the tides and soil while trying to get fields ready for making strawberry beds ended up having to deal with heavy rains that make soggy fields seem the norm.  If you ever wonder what we do on the farm try putting as much into 24 hours as you can pack into that time frame and add the days and weeks on top.

     Preparing strawberry beds, planting strawberries, making repairs, planting and caring for fall crops, getting the barnyard ready for the fall, training race pigs, making repairs, getting fall tours lined up and PYO pumpkins plus night time hay rides and making repairs. Somewhere in there is a wedding for a special girl I’ve known since she was laid in my hands at her birth.  

     So if things seem a bit behind trust me there are many reasons why. The true measure of a human being may be less of what they accomplish and more of what they put into others. I am grateful for all who have intersected our lives. The fact you value our service is what makes us a community.  

     We still have good peaches, eggplant is plentiful, peppers are ready for roasting, stuffing or chopping. The main ingredient needed is you, your imagination and an appetite. We do have a few butter beans and various types of peas. We have planted a late crop of beans and peas we are hopeful they will produce. If you want beans let us know.  

    The grape season is coming on strong. We plan to make grape juice sometime in the mix of  things to do. The mushrooms made a quick short flush. They should begin producing more frequent with this weather.

    We will announce soon our plans for the Fall activities.  


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 The Produce market is OPEN.  Blueberry PYO is open as the field dictates so please follow closely to see when it is scheduled to be open.  Our spring vegetables have been very good. Be sure to check out the summer crops as they are beginning to come in.  Call 910-287-6794 or 843-399-6902 







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