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Indigo Farms update Aug 25

Posted 8/25/2011 10:50am by Sam Bellamy.

Indigo Farms update. August 25

   There are still some blueberries left for PYO. You need to check in and check out at the produce market during market hours ( 8:30 am -5:00 pm ). We still do have some peaches which is a very good peaches. These were grown upstate by a grower we know that does a good job. Our cantaloupes are coming in ,as well as watermelons. Although we don’t have the quantity there are some good melons. Heirloom tomatoes, beans are not as plentiful as we desire we soon will be in a new field.

    August is a tough month, typically, high temps and high humidity, highest insect counts and weeds are the type that love these conditions growing fast and towering high. It is also the transition month from summer going into fall. Although Fall is still a way off, it is this time that Fall and winter crops are planted. Strawberry beds have to be prepared which takes about a full week, just to prepare them. Now is the time for putting in cover crops. Plans and set up for Fall event days happens now through September. Everything from repairs , clean up , creating tipi, straw houses, hay maze, scarecrows and pumpkins on roofs, etc is in the works. This year’s Naspigs are gradually making the adjustments to begin training for the race season. Meanwhile preparations for Fall tours and night time hay rides are taking place.
   If that isn’t enough August is the beginning of making grape juice. Now that is a pleasant thought! The season of dry summer has affected the fig crop but we still have figs. The grapes are not 100% but still are fairly plentiful. We will be pressing Noble and Carlos soon. Apple cider will follow in late September. We will see about some PYO grapes later in September.

Obviously, if you are interested in volunteering to help with the Fall events or tours please let us know.

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Spring is Coming! 

We're excited about the changing season as we plant more lettuce, seed trays with warmer season crops, transplant tiny tomato plants into larger trays and protect the earliest strawberry blossoms from frost. 

We've harvesting a rainbow of crops from bright red radishes and dark green spinach to carrots and colorful chard. 

I've already seen a few red strawberries and can't wait for Spring to arrive with buckets of juicy berries!

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