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January Update

Posted 1/8/2013 10:26am by Sam Bellamy.


    We hope you are anticipating a good year. As farmers we look for good on a regular basis. We desire our soils be good, our crops be good , our fruit be good, our work be good, our lives and families be good and we desire like goodness to those we serve. Honestly, there are times when we all may be left feeling as if no good can come from some situations. I find it all the more reason to pay more attention to the good we do see, even if it is a simple good. One of the slogans we have at the farm is real farm goodness. That is by choice not merely something that sounds good. We believe in goodness and believe that goodness should be a part of the very food you eat. These winter days need all the goodness we can put into them. Our spirits ,our bodies and our minds need to build on the good and approach the day with intent to bring out the best all around. So you may be one who could benefit from the goodness that cold weather brings to farm fresh greens , collards, broccoli, turnips, kale, lettuce, honey, and lots of other goods. The store hours are Wednesday and Saturday mornings , 9:30 -1pm. Feel free to call if you have questions or specific needs. 843 399 6902 or 910 287 6794


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 The Produce market is OPEN.  Blueberry PYO is open as the field dictates so please follow closely to see when it is scheduled to be open.  Our spring vegetables have been very good. Be sure to check out the summer crops as they are beginning to come in.  Call 910-287-6794 or 843-399-6902 







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