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Indigo Farms November 20th Update

Posted 11/19/2012 10:06am by Sam Bellamy.

   It is time for the holidays , friendly get-togethers and good food. Food seems to be such a rich part of times remembered. Sure there are cultural distinctions that determine flavors, recipes and special dishes but often it can be the dish or recipe that has family roots or a strong ethnic or local character nearer to your specific family. It is especially nice to find a new special dish to enlarge your family traditions.

  Perhaps we at Indigo Farms can help. The Bakery has some very good pies and desserts which many of you know about. But we are slowing adding some new items ( ones we believe will prove to be favorites ). Our pumpkin roll has been well received and we hope to add more this holiday season. We welcome your input.

     Hopefully, you were able to buy some grape juice or apple cider and put it away for the holidays. If not there may still be some for sale. Nuts are great for this of year. They make good snacks for the individuals that keep hanging around the kitchen while you are trying to cook. Greens are good also. Honey makes a great gift. You might even get a “ that is so sweet” from someone.

    There are many items from country ham, sweet potatoes, turnips, collards and leaf lettuce to choose from. There are a variety of apples as well as cranberries to make your cooking special.

Gift items are to be found as well. Whether from the produce shelves or from the Garden Center  there is an element of “down to earth” goodness.

   For many of us things are pretty tight these days but remember that it is we as individuals giving the  best of who we are that helps to create moments that are worth remembering.

   Have a good holiday season.

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 The Produce market is OPEN.  Blueberry PYO is open as the field dictates so please follow closely to see when it is scheduled to be open.  Our spring vegetables have been very good. Be sure to check out the summer crops as they are beginning to come in.  Call 910-287-6794 or 843-399-6902 







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